Why Castle Trade International?

Because, in an increasingly impersonal world, Castle Trade International provides a truly personal service.

At Castle Trade International, we never corral clients. This means that they will never be handed off to a faceless account team but, instead, will be assigned to a dedicated investment manager who will deal with their affairs personally. He or she will be available to evaluate your portfolio, make adjustment recommendations and go over the longer-term strategy to be utilized as and when the market deems necessary. Moreover, as your investment manager is not obliged to mirror any particular benchmark, the portfolio can be designed and built to meet your own objectives and risk tolerance.

Each Castle Trade International investment manager is supported by a well-trained and focused team of administrators and researchers not to mention a practice-wide strategy group manned by high-caliber individuals with over 150 years' collective experience.

This group represents the uppermost layer of our investment process which serves to distil potential strategies that best leverage the prevailing global macro economic conditions down to the investment management teams. These teams then fine-tune sector weighting and preferred stocks which are then disseminated to the individual managers.

The Castle Trade International investment process is key and the abilities and experience of all our investment managers are taken into account as part of that process. We work as a team but, ultimately, we leave the final investment decision to the client-facing managers since they will inevitably be more familiar with the clients' individual circumstances.

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Investment Management

Investment Management is the process of plotting a course through the unpredictable changes that characterize the business of accumulating or preserving wealth.

Our Process

The Castle Trade International proprietary process is essential in helping us to establish a clear direction for our client's financial future.