Who We Are

Castle Trade International are an independent wealth management practice offering superior investment counsel to individuals and families with a need to protect or accumulate wealth. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are not tied to any brokerage-promoted investment products or any their ultimate providers. We take great comfort in the knowledge that each and every investment plan we develop is 100% devoid of conflict of interest and completely tailored to the needs of individual or family from which it is intended.

Although we offer traditional investments - stocks, bonds and cash equivalents, we are not mired in the past. Today's continually changing financial environment demands willingness and an ability to embrace flexibility and, with this firmly in mind, we also offer what many refer to as alternative investments. These can generate higher returns while, at the same time lowering risk. Diversity at this level can augment your financial future for years to come.

As firm believers in transparency and openness, Castle Trade International are happy to liaise with any trusted professionals clients choose to engage or are presently involved with for matters such as estate or tax planning, charitable giving. Should, however, clients be in need of this expertise, we can refer them to a suitably qualified expert from one of the practices within our network of strategic alliances.

Whatever it is that matters most to you, by engaging Castle Trade International, you can be sure that you will have taken the first, most important step towards achieving your objectives. We encourage you to contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation discussion to explore your definition of financial freedom.

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Investment Management

Investment Management is the process of plotting a course through the unpredictable changes that characterize the business of accumulating or preserving wealth.

Our Process

The Castle Trade International proprietary process is essential in helping us to establish a clear direction for our client's financial future.