Frequently Asked Questions

Castle Trade International offer the most appropriate and pertinent advice available and we want our clients' experience with us to be rewarding both financially and professionally. A client armed with a clear idea of what he or she is trying to achieve together with a sense of areas that need attention is the easiest to help. For this reason, Castle Trade International FAQs encourage potential clients to ask themselves questions aimed at prompting introspection and financial self-awareness. Our experience has shown us that this exercise can be particularly illuminating for even those who consider themselves to be experienced investors.

What you should be asking yourself

Many portfolios our professionals review are exposed to unnecessary levels of risk. Can you realistically confirm that your portfolio is exposed to unnecessary risk? If it is, do you know how to mitigate it?

Are you certain that your true return on investment (ROI) over the last 12 months is accurate? What about over the last five years? Does it compare favorably to the performance of established benchmarks like, for example, the S&P500 Index?

How effectively would your portfolio be protected against significant potential loss arising from the any of the following?

  1. Significant devaluation of your local currency
  2. Hyper inflation
  3. Economic depression
  4. Stagflation (increasing costs and interest rates combined with stagnant economic growth)

If tragedy were to befall you, what depth of understanding do your family members have with regard to your financial picture?

Is your current portfolio comprised of any "off the shelf", generic investments that carry hidden fees or conflicts of interest?

What was your definition of what financial freedom means to you?

Is your portfolio exposed to tax new liabilities from legislation introduced since its inception?

What you should be asking Castle Trade International

How are you remunerated?

Castle Trade International derives its income from charges levied on the profits generated by our management practice. We do not solicit or accept commissions from selling proprietary or third party investment products. We are paid directly by the client. This means that we can advise and act with complete and utter impartiality and with the best interests of our clients as our sole motivation.

So you sell nothing?

That's right. We have no affiliation with any brokerage-promoted investments. We insist on complete objectivity with regard to every aspect of wealth management and client service.

With so many wealth managers claiming to be "independent", what's Castle Trade International's definition?

Castle Trade Internationals' definition states that we are not nor will we be associated with any organization that compromises our objectivity. Included in the list of entities that could potentially impact upon our impartiality are banks, insurance companies, traditional wire houses and broker-dealers.

What investments can you offer me?

In order to ensure the optimal diversification features of our portfolios, Castle Trade International can provide clients with access to an extensive range of investment options. As well as traditional investments like stocks, corporate bonds and cash equivalents, Castle Trade Internationals clients can avail themselves of the potential high returns possible within non-traditional investment classes such as hedge funds, commodity futures, private equity and other alternative investments.

How good is your investment track record?

Regulators have strict rules about reporting historical performance and, because each client's portfolio's characteristics are distinctive to their own personal circumstances, we are restricted in the way we can answer this particular question. Nevertheless, Castle Trade Internationals' clients are highly satisfied with the performance of their portfolios and are only too willing to share their experiences of our services.

What distinguishes Castle Trade International from the typical investment advisor?

Our objective, no-conflict approach is augmented by our innate ability to help our clients look past the usual brokerage-promoted investment products they could encounter elsewhere. We offer exposure to investments that harbor lower fees, superior management and exemplary results. As no two clients are the same, we refuse to develop investment strategies that are identical to those owned by other clients.

What are your credentials and qualifications?

Many members of Castle Trade Internationals' wealth management team started their careers as legal specialists for accountancy firms and investment advisors for some of the best known names in the financial world. Still, our list of satisfied clients represents our best qualification.

I have already engaged a financial advisor. Why would I consider Castle Trade International?

We are not an "all or nothing" money manager. Our flexibility and commitment to helping people make the most of their financial situation means we can develop a relationship with you that can only enhance your current investment strategies. Castle Trade International often work with a client's retained professional advisors in identifying solutions that are ideal for them. In addition, many people seek a "second opinion" from another advisor with a view to confirming that their portfolio is performing and accommodating their needs as effectively as possible.

Once I enlist your expertise, how regularly will we be in contact?

Our professionals will spend a significant amount of time gaining an in-depth understanding of your long-term goals and objectives. Once we have implemented your unique plan, we will furnish you with detailed quarterly reports, semi-annual performance reviews in consultation as well as adhere to any scheduled monitoring reports agreed for discretionary management. Furthermore, as new investment opportunities arise, we will establish contact with you.

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